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Unitarian Universalism is a liberal religion that encompasses many faith traditions.  Unitarian Universalists include people who identify as Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Pagans, Atheists, Agnostics, Humanists, and others.  As there is no official Unitarian Universalist creed, Unitarian Universalists are free to search for truth on many paths.

To quote the Rev. Marta Flanagan, "We uphold the free search for truth. We will not be bound by a statement of belief. We do not ask anyone to subscribe to a creed. We say ours is a non-creedal religion. Ours is a free faith."

Although we uphold shared principles, individual Unitarian Universalists have varied beliefs about everything from scripture to rituals to God. Unitarian Universalism emerged from two different religions:  Unitarianism and Universalism.  Both Unitarianism and Universalism started in Europe hundreds of years ago.  The Universalist Church of America was founded by 1793, and the American Unitarian Association by 1825.  In 1961, these denominations consolidated to form the new religion of Unitarian Universalism.

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